Throughout 2015-2016 The Caravan Gallery's extra{ordinary} exhibition, Pride of Place Project and Tour will be hosted by six different cities across the UK. The Caravan Gallery will hold a Photo Competition to accompany their Pride of Place Project in each different location and all entries will be displayed on this dedicated website.

For further information about the Photo Competitions, Pride of Place Projects and extra{ordinary} exhibitions please visit the Caravan Gallery website.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Southampton Pride of Place Project Photo Competition Winners

The Caravan Gallery is pleased to announce the winners of the Southampton Pride of Place Project Photo Competition and we would like to congratulate and thank everybody who entered the competition. All the competition entries can be veiwed here.

Our Southampton winners are:

Ali Beg for Love Southampton
Alison Biczysko for Tunnel to somewhere
Margarita Walter Gutierrez for You r loved
Tony Machin for Ascupart Street
Sam Field for Plastered
Joe Hudson for No racists in Southampton (2)  - the Mayor’s Award

We'll be announcing the winner of the Visitors' Choice award at our closing celebration on 30th November.

Many congratulations to our winners from all of us at The Caravan Gallery and Southampton Pride of Place Project.

We would also like to thank Kodak Express, 30 Hanover Buildings, Southampton for printing the 50 photos chosen by the judging panel, as well as everyone who provided generous prizes for our Southampton Pride of Place Project Photo Competition:

SoCo Music Project - a recording session at Hightown Studios
£100 worth of trainers and an entry into a Rees Leisure event
Mayflower Theatre - 4 tickets for Robin Hood
SeaCity Museum/Tudor House - voucher for entry
Nuffield Theatre - 2 tickets for Fantastic Mr Fox
£50 voucher for window cleaning by the Window Wizard
£50 voucher to spend at Mettricks coffee and tea houses
Wine donated by The Stile in Highfield

Friday, September 9, 2016

Southampton Pride of Place Project Photo Competition

Closing date for entries: Midnight Tuesday 25th October 2016.

Open Submission from 9th September - Free to enter

All entries will be displayed on this dedicated blogsite as they are received.

To find out more about 'How to enter' please click on the tab above or visit our website:

Marland Cafe by Jane Sheppard
Micro Boat by Jane Sheppard
Sunset over the docks by Lizy Carey
Dusk over the Water by Lizy Carey
Yacht on the Solent by Lizy Carey
Supporting the fun by Jesse Lawrence
Local lads learning to live by Jesse Lawrence
Work while they play by Jesse Lawrence
St Denys by Joe Hudson
No Racists in Southampton Rally by Joe Hudson
No Racists in Southampton Rally (2) by Joe Hudson
Sunset over Itchen Bridge by Mengyang Zhu
Riverside Park by Mengyang Zhu
Port of Southampton by Mengyang Zhu
Make Your Mark by Rachel Reynolds
Southampton Common by Rachel Reynolds
Welcome - Seeing Through by Rachel Reynolds
New Arrivals by Amanda Vian
At the End of the Rainbow... by Amanda Vian
The Tall and the Small by Amanda Vian
A Southampton Autumn Night by Sonia Castaneda
Across the water by Sophie Pickersgill
Looking out to sea by Sophie Pickersgill
Looking out to sea (2) by Sophie Pickersgill
Itchen Valley by Margaret Burgess
Cobden Bridge by Margaret Burgess
Future by Laurence Weedy
Under the Itchen by Abigail Vian
Swans in the Common by Abigail Vian
Sunset Reflections by Abigail Vian
Faces in nature by Jasmin Selen Heinz
Flower by Jasmin Selen Heinz
Music in the city by Jasmin Selen Heinz
Early morning in Southampton Common by Rebecca Beusmans
Containers and pylons by Jaqui Taylor
Docks by Jaqui Taylor
Eling Waterfront by Jaqui Taylor
Southampton Ukulele Jam play West Quay by Dawn Dunlop
Southampton Ukulele Jam playing in Lancaster Vault by Dawn Dunlop
She's hangin' on in there by Joanne Keall
Winners of Southampton in Bloom 2016 by Vic Taylor
Home by Lizzie Fenner
Untitled (car) by John Andy Bryant
Untitled (man in car) by John Andy Bryant
Untitled (cruise ship) by John Andy Bryant
Opposites Attract by Robert Iliffe
Never Abandon Hope by Robert Iliffe
Overseer by Robert Iliffe
Accommodation by Nick Kitson
Cenotaph by Nick Kitson
Civic Centre by Nick Kitson
Tunnel to somewhere by Alison Biczysko
End of the walk by Alison Biczysko
Little blue fish in a yellow sea by Alison Biczysko
Big sky, Mayflower Park by Damian Cook
Ice cream van at Mayflower Park by Damian Cook
Old Pier at sundown by Damian Cook
Dockyard View by Lisa Mitchell
Forest Pony by Lisa Mitchell
Plane Parts by Lisa Mitchell
Untitled (piano) by Guy Malankar
Untitled (railings) by Guy Malankar
Untitled (Starbucks van) by Guy Malankar
Conehead by Ash Raine
Fly by May & Wade by Ash Raine
Lord Mickey of Weston by Ash Raine
Still in Time by Caroline Bird
Take a Seat by Caroline Bird
Turn Around by Caroline Bird
Above Bar Street by Svetlana Ochkovskaya
Guildhall by Svetlana Ochkovskaya
Spark Building by Svetlana Ochkovskaya
Untitled (revolution now) by Phil Hubbard
Untitled (Star Fried Chicken) by Phil Hubbard

Untitled (subway) by Phil Hubbard
Celebrating in St. James' Park Shirley by Michaela A Lawler-Levene
Sunset over Eling Tide Mill Pond, Hampshire by Michaela A Lawler-Levene
Southampton isn't all bricks, docks, concrete and shops by Rachel Simpson
Southampton water by Alex McCormac
Untitled (Entrance to Southampton Central Library) by Angela Chicken
Brutal by Emma Cutler
Hamtun by Emma Cutler
Still cutting foam to size by Emma Cutler
Going home to Soton by Rob Potter
One for Sorrow by Rob Potter
The Biggest Nedlloyd by Rob Potter
Civic Centre by Perry Laithwaite
Cobden bridge at night by Perry Laithwaite
Cranes by Perry Laithwaite
Clear port by Moonlight by Nadia Hill
Ruined but not forgotten by Nadia Hill
A look through the grass by Nadia Hill
Splendida by Ragavendira Jeyamohan
Southampton dock sunset by Ragavendira Jeyamohan
Southampton dock sunset by Ragavendira Jeyamohan
Awaaz FM by Ali Beg
Love Southampton by Ali Beg
Love Southampton 2 by Ali Beg
Untitled (Street near St Mary's Stadium) by Lucy Thompson
Untitled (Multi storey car park) by Lucy Thompson
Untitled (Southampton city centre) by Lucy Thompson
Restricted Area by Ben Grace
Snow Day by Ben Grace

Untitled (Forest View) by Rachel Adams
Untitled (Back by popular demand) by Rachel Adams
Protest by George Ping
Best deal in town by George Ping
Union by George Ping
London Calling by Tom KC
Flying High by Clare Bray
Spring in the city centre by Clare Bray
Just another day at work by Clare Bray
On the up by Marc Comley
Turning Japanese by Marc Comley
We march on by Marc Comley
Southampton Music Festival by Donald Albert

Soul 45 Festival by Donald Albert

Harbour House Tower by George Ebblewhite
View from Ocean Village by George Ebblewhite
Southampton Boatshow by Anna Wyse
Bin Day by Jamie Marshall
I love Southampton by Jane Sheppard
Slice of Northam by Mike O'Leary
Under Northam Bridge by David Ames
Riverside Park by David Ames
Easter on Southampton Common by David Ames
Side by Side by Korede Fakayode
Santa flies into Southampton by Benedict Carey
After The Show by Becky Tilley
175 years of Cunard by Becky Tilley
Netley Abbey by Becky Tilley
You r loved by Margarita Waller Gutierrez
Pride by Margarita Waller Gutierrez
Old & Modern by Margarita Waller Gutierrez
Itchen Bridge by Nathan Downing
The Fiddler by Nathan Downing
War department marker by Nick Parker 
New flats by Nick Parker
Old and new by Nick Parker
The poppy that grew on the Quay by Terry Buss
Sunset in the Docks by Terry Buss
Our favourite place to walk by Terry Buss
Big rain in the square by Michael Daish

Untitled (Alley) by Olga Kantoch
Untitled (Subway) by Olga Kantoch
Untitled (Clock) by Olga Kantoch
Southampton Common by Roger Brenton
Southampton Docks by Konrad Cox
Watts Park by Konrad Cox
7 Days a Week by Debs Pondant
Southampton Across the Water by Michaela A Lawler-Levene
Oak tree at dawn in Southampton Common by Maxim Hedge 
Beach huts on Calshot beach by Maxim Hedge
Double rainbow over Inner Avenue by Maxim Hedge
Night Shift by Sam Field
Pitching up by Sam Field 
Plastered by Sam Field
Docks from the air by Richard Hurren
Harmony of the seas by Richard Hurren
Reflections by Richard Hurren
Extraordinary Loss by Hannah Cowburn
"...." by Sonia Safa 
Emerging from the mist by Alex McCormac
Night ferry from Southampton by Mike Beeden
Southampton Common by Mike Beeden
Southampton Ocean Terminal by Mike Beeden
In-between the new and the old by Mariah Nombreuse
Graffiti underpass by Tony Cowburn
Southampton Common by Tony Cowburn
Peaceful moment by Michael Daish

Fountain, Central Library by Harriet Flint
Guildhall by Harriet Flint
Spitfire, Above Bar Street by Harriet Flint
New Forest Donkey by Danielle Baillie
Bee by Danielle Baillie
Ascupart Street by Tony Machin
Fawley Sunbeams by Tony Machin
Weston Shore Shelter by Tony Machin
Forest View by Mandy Smith
Green Man by Mandy Smith
Happy Hot Dog Man by Mandy Smith
Banana Wharf by Hazel Stafford
Ocean Village by Hazel Stafford
Queen Mary setting sail by John M Davies
Calshot in the spring by John M Davies
Calshot Spit Lightship LV78 by Matthew Willis
Funnel of SS Shieldhall by Matthew Willis
Saint Mary's Gas Holder by Matthew Willis
Ray of sunshine by Claire Hughes
Reflection of Civic Centre Southampton by Roger Brenton
8 o'clock bus by Steve Miller
Never get tyred of the beach by Steve Miller
Wall light by Steve Miller
Mosaic by Dave Hubble
Parkour by Dave Hubble
Wisteria crane by Dave Hubble
Autumn by Ben Osborne
Bitterne Park Triangle by Guy Phillips

Riverside Park (August) by Guy Phillips
Riverside Park (September) by Guy Phillips
Between by Nigel Philpott
The Gathering Storm by Nigel Philpott
Boat by Shayla Glover
City by Shayla Glover
Explore by Shayla Glover
Untitled (ship) by Steve Roberts

Untitled (ships) by Steve Roberts

Untitled (statue) by Steve Roberts

Serenity by Felicity Roles
May & Wade Warehouse by Bethany Fletcher
Weston Shore Towers by Bethany Fletcher
Wyndham Court by Bethany Fletcher
Park by Julian Harrow
Weston Shore by Julian Harrow
Cranes by Julian Harrow
View across the Southampton Water by Judith Blake
View across the Itchen by Judith Blake
Boats across the Itchen by Judith Blake
Gods House Tower 1 by Kate Aries
Gods House Tower 2 by Kate Aries
St Mary's Stadium by Kate Aries
Mettrick Cafe by JM @Artsim
LoL Independence day by JM @Artsim
Window Dukes Keep Office block by JM @Artsim
Kneeler by Catherine Wright
Flattened Reeds by Catherine Wright
A pretty puddle by Mia Rae Cotton 

Lunch time by Mia Rae Cotton 

An Underrated Place by Mia Rae Cotton 
A Zebra visiting The Bargate by Sue Hill

A Zebra visiting The Wool House by Sue Hill

Tudor House by Sue Hill