Throughout 2015-2016 The Caravan Gallery's extra{ordinary} exhibition, Pride of Place Project and Tour will be hosted by six different cities across the UK. The Caravan Gallery will hold a Photo Competition to accompany their Pride of Place Project in each different location and all entries will be displayed on this dedicated website.

For further information about the Photo Competitions, Pride of Place Projects and extra{ordinary} exhibitions please visit the Caravan Gallery website.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sunderland Pride of Place Project Photo Competition

Elephant Cafe, Fawcett Street by Lillian Harnett

Fountains, Norfolk Street by Lillian Harnett

Lion, Mowbray Park by Lillian Harnett
Trafalgar Square, East End, Sunderland by Tom Lynn

Bull Lane by Tom Lynn

Gray Memorial Gardens Plaque by Tom Lynn

Roker Lighthouse by Liam Cummings

The Minster by Liam Cummings

Stadium of Light by Liam Cummings

The Winter Garden by David Lawson

Sunderland Bananas by David Lawson

Roker by David Lawson

Amusement by ML Lawson
Mesmerisation by ML Lawson

Creativity by ML Lawson

Orton by Paul Swinney

Orion 2 by Paul Swinney

Wearmouth Bridge by Paul Swinney

Roker Seafront Play Park by Kriss Turnbull

Full Mill by Sheila Smith

Sunniside by Sheila Smith

Stadium of Light by Sheila Smith

Untitled by Daniel Dale

Untitled by Daniel Dale

Untitled by Daniel Dale
Independent Figures by Rae Hutchinson

Seven Heaven by Rae Hutchinson

Arty Farty by Rae Hutchinson

Untitled, Sunderland by Ian White

Untitled, Sunderland by Ian White

Untitled, Sunderland by Ian White

Amusements, Seaburn, Sunderland by Lucy Coleman

Snack Shop, Roker Beach, Sunderland by Lucy Coleman

Traffic Signs, Queens Parade, Sunderland by Lucy Coleman: 

Shepherd's Delight by James Hillary

Skyline by James Hillary

Under the Railway Bridge by Dabra Hagel

The Eagle Building by Dabra Hagel

Monkwearmouth Station Museum by Dabra Hagel

The Promenade, Hendon Beach by Abi Fullerton

Commercial Road and and corner of promenade by Abi Fullerton

The Bridges by Abi Fullerton

Crop Field Sunset by James Alexander Smith Penshaw

Monument Star Trails by James Alexander Smith Penshaw
Sunderland Pub by Ian Taylor
Untitled by Susie Houghton

Untitled by Susie Houghton

Untitled by Susie Houghton
Untitled by Dean Turnbull

Untitled by Dean Turnbull

Untitled by Dean Turnbull

Untitled by Dean Turnbull

Untitled by Dean Turnbull

Untitled by Dean Turnbull

Untitled by Dean Turnbull
Barnes Park by Laycock

2.50pm by Laycock

Bearse by Laycock
Untitled by Tony Blakie

Untitled by Tony Blakie

Untitled by Tony Blakie
Ace Tattoo by Stephen Mincher

Outside Maplin's by Stephen Mincher

Roker Beach by Stephen Mincher
Echo 24 by Elizabeth Wilson
A Night Out by Elaine Hutchinson

Taking the Piss by Elaine Hutchinson

Horrible Horticulture by Elaine Hutchinson
Edwyn Collins by Paul A Knox

Mackem by Paul A Knox

Where Ships were Born by Paul A Knox
Midmoor Road, Pallion by David Draper

Neville Road, Pallion by David Draper

Sunderland Crematorium by David Draper
Back Hylton Road by James Hutchinson

Chester Road by James Hutchinson
Priestman Building, Green Terrace by James Hutchinson
Echo 24 Building by Jane Parker

Mouth of the River Wear by Jane Parker

Seabird Beach by Jane Parker
Pre-demolition, Holmeside by Rebecca Burdon

Enthusiast by Rebecca Burdon

Cold & Wet by Rebecca Burdon
Reflection of Wearmouth Bridge by Liam Roarty

Walking the Dogs by Liam Roarty

Flying Bird at Roker Beach by Liam Roarty
Roker Beach by Lisa Fairley
Glass Centre by Charles Bell

Glass Centre 2 by Charles Bell

Roker and Seaburn by Charles Bell
Mackem Seaburn Glow by Hapi
Roker Beach by Stela Taneva

Mowbray Park by Stela Taneva

Wearmouth Bridge by Stela Taneva
Alexandra Bridge by Bob White
Untitled by Peter Brabban

Untitled by Peter Brabban

Untitled by Peter Brabban
Laid to Rest by Neil Gardner

Waiting the Tide by Neil Gardner

Fire in the Sky by Neil Gardner
Mannequin by Steve Dixon

Elderly Man by Steve Dixon

Wall Face by Steve Dixon
The Sunderland Dog by Karen Ward

Lost Property by Karen Ward

Saturday Night by Karen Ward
Death Trods by Peter Andrews

In Case of Fire by Peter Andrews

Old Hall Harvest by Peter Andrews
Night Ice Cream by Jo Howell

Night Yarden by Jo Howell

Sunset Knight by Jo Howell