Bradford Pride of Place Project Photo Competition

Untitled (sepia) by Juan Cervera Serrano

Buena iii by Juan Cevera Serrano 

Buena by Juan Cerver Serrano

Graffiti Slogan by Nadeem Ashraf

Tin Can Man by Nadeem Ashraf
Centenary Square by Alex Appleby 

Kirkgate by Alex Appleby

Broadway by Alex Appleby

Binghley 2009 by Nigel Russell Firth

Harold Park 2011 by Nigel Russell Firth
Little Germany by Casey Gent

Low Moor by Nigel Russell Firth
Cannon Mills Sunday Market by John Bolloten

Hustlergate by John Bolloten

Rawson Road by John Bolloten
Untitled (House) by J Allsebrook

Untitled (Pavement) by J Allsebrook

Untitled (Slug) by J Allsebrook
Bradford College Sunset by Farah Afsar

Drummond Mill Sunset i by Farah Afsar

Drummond Mill Sunset ii by Farah Afsar
Rawcliffes The Schoolwear Specialist by Helena Chui
Sunset on Ilkley Moor i by Shaun Duffy
Sunset on Ilkley Moor ii by Shaun Duffy
Sunset on Ilkley Moor iii by Shaun Duffy

Waterstones i by Helena Chui

Waterstones ii by Helena Chui
Untitled (Street Scene) by Ruth Appleton
Untitled (Double Yellow Lines) by Paul Richards

Untitled (Iron bars) by Paul Richards

Untitled (Steps) by Paul Richards
Built by Immigrants 9 by Amna Germanotta Riaz

We are chaos we are peace by Amna Germanotta Riaz

We survive by Amna Germanotta Riaz
Bradford, Holmewood, Kesteven Road - Pub by Monika Stankiewicz

Bradford, Holmewood - Social Club by Monika Stankiewicz
Long Causeway by Sharron Murray
Old Road by Sharron Murray
Powering Bradford by Sharron Murray

Bradford, Tong Street - Picture Palace by Monika Stankiewicz
Bentley On Roof, Mill Lane by Donald Crabtree
Heaton Woods by Keith Gartzen
Fulton Street by Helen Birch

Walkway between Bradford Interchange and Hall Ings by Helen Birch
Ramp from Interchange to walkway connecting Interchange and Hall Ings by Helen Birch

Lister Park by Keith Gartzen

Rombalds Moor by Keith Gartzen
Five Rise Locks, Bingley by Michael Travers

Fruit stall, Oastler Market, Bradford by Michael Travers

Subway, Jacobs Well, Bradford by Michael Travers
Odeon: Quebec Street by Suzanne Griffiths

Queen Victoria : Little Horton Lane by Suzanne Griffiths

Town Hall : City Park by Suzanne Griffiths
Hamm Strasse by Gioele Pagotto

Listerhills Road by Gioele Pagotto

Longside Lane by Gioele Pagotto
Bradford City Centre by Anne Howker
City Park Fountain by Mark Davis
The Twin Towers designed by architects Lockwood and Mawson by Mark Davis
Canal Company Warehouse by Jenny Zigzag

Spotted Dog by Jenny Zigzag

We are Here to Treat You by Jenny Zigzag
Haworth Moor by Anne Howker

Reading by Anne Howker
Horton Park by Mohammed Jahangir Alam

In front of the Cartwright museum, Lister park by Mohammed Jahangir Alam

Top of the Cartwright museum, Lister park by Mohammed Jahangir Alam
Night bird by Gerry Gorman

Queen of the night by Gerry Gorman

Under New Management by Gerry Gorman
Subway Art - Near National Media Museum by Rais Hasan

TILT Light Show - City Park by Rais Hasan

View From Above  - Sunbridge Road by Rais Hasan
Midland Mills by Brian Gallagher
Distinctive Image Photography by Jason Feather

Stationary Stationery Pigeon by Jason Feather

We've Moved! by Jason Feather
Town Hall City Park by Greg Linkiewicz 

Cheapside by Greg Linkiewicz

Interchange to Hall Ings by Greg Linkiewicz
Lister Park iii by Katie Prior

Lister Park ii by Katie Prior

Lister Park i by Katie Prior
 Dirkhill Rd - All Saints Rd by Karol Wyszynski

Ivegate - Tyrrel St by Karol Wyszynski

Little Horton Green by Karol Wyszynski
Money Makes the World Go Round by Paul Jones

Old Memories by Paul Jones

Value by Paul Jones
Bradford Eye by Louise

Reaching New Heights by Louise
Untitled (Paint Splatter) by Danny Marsh

Untitled (Rail Tracks) by Danny Marsh

Untitled (Spray Paint Cans) by Danny Marsh
Industry has Left the Building by Graham Pile

Light After Death by Graham Pile

Lister's Sea of Daisies by Faraz Mirza
Monolith by Graham Pile
Bradford & Bingley Demolision, Thift Way Bingley by Neil Bland

David Hockney exhibition, Salts Mill, Saltaire by Neil Bland

Sitting in the Wet, Centenary Square by Neil Bland
Bradford City by Saukat Ullah

Lister Park by Saukat Ullah
Untitled (Rainbow) by Afsa Tabassum

City Park by Mahey Amreen

Gatehaus by Mahey Amreen
My Morning Walk by Adam Saeed

No Place Like Home by Adam Saeed

Salts Mill by Adam Saeed
Untitled (Man) by Konstantinos Skopas

Untitled (Street) by Konstantinos Skopas

Untitled (Traffic Lights) by Konstantinos Skopas
UFO in Spring iii by John King
UFO in Spring ii by John King

UFO in Spring ii by John King
Ingleby Road by David Enyori

Listerhills Road by David Enyori

Quebec Street, behind the Odeon by David Enyori
Harold Park by Dave Zdanowicz

Saltaire Mill by Dave Zdanowicz
Cobbles and Reflections (off Thornton Road) by Paul Croft
NO PARKING (Longside Lane) by Paul Croft
Green Man Judy Woods by Sheila Lum
Saltaire Mill Chimney by Sheila Lum
Seabrook Factory i by William Crabtree
Untitled i by Yong Ching Tan 

Untitled ii by Yong Ching Tan 

Untitled iii by Yong Ching Tan 

Seabrook Factory ii by William Crabtree

Swan by Dave Zdanowicz
Untitled by Hugh Murray
 Bring Back The Bradford Hole!

SLOW (Legrams Lane) by Paul Croft

 View (NOT) towards Pennine House, from Market Street, 2015 by Brian Rowlands

 View towards Pennine House, from Market Street, 2014 by Brian Rowlands
Bradford by Ian Gilmour

City Hall by Ian Gilmour

Odeon Reflections by Ian Gilmour
Saltaire Arts Trail by Mat Dale
Green Drum by Frank Brindle

Water Barrel with Stick by Frank Brindle

Pigeoned by Frank Brindle
Untitled (Christmas Tree) by Mat Dale

Untitled (Great Deals) by Mat Dale