Cardiff Pride of Place Project Photo Competition

Chips and Curry Sauce! by Abigail Smith

Candy Floss Cloud by Sharon Magill
Castle Coch Through a Budweiser Beer Can by Richard Williams
Distorted View at the Senedd Through a Beer Can by Richard Williams
Three Streets View, Through a Drinks Can by Richard Williams
Cat on brick wall by Agnes Little
From my loft window by Agnes Little
Sunday Dinner by Agnes Little
West Wing by Sally Cohen
Golden Cowboy by Katie Smith
Elvis by Katie Smith
Choose Happiness by Gareth Newell
Party Spirit by Gareth Newell
Carry Me Home by Gareth Newell

Celebrations, Cardiff Bay by Kimberley Jones 
The Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay by Kimberley Jones 
Carousel, Cardiff Bay by Kimberley Jones 
Carnival, Queen Street, Cardiff by Yusuf Rustem
King of his castle by Jo Higgs

Just another Friday night in Cardiff by Jo Higgs
Cardiff men get together by Jo Higgs
Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru, Caerdydd by Zara Mader
Kings Road, Treganna, Caerdydd by Zara Mader
Severn Grove, Treganna, Caerdydd by Zara Mader
A Passage Through Time by Mariana Diaz Montiel
Gossip Moon by Mariana Diaz Montiel 
Summer Sunset by Mariana Diaz Montiel
Boulevard de Nantes by Barry Richards
Celestia by Barry Richards
Mill Lane, Wyndham Arcade by Barry Richards
St Mary's Street at night by Elizabeth Richards 
Street trader in Queen Street by Elizabeth Richards 
Custom House Cardiff Bay by Elizabeth Richards

Sheep & Dragon by Juan Jose Martinez

Misty Morning by Juan Jose Martinez

Ice Wonderland by Juan Jose Martinez

Old vs modern by Sylwia Kuniewska

Anything you can do by Peter Jones
My Baby by Peter Jones
Dream On by Peter Jones
Zen by Hakim Boulouiz

One Way Way by Hakim Boulouiz
Lost Keys by Hakim Boulouiz