Preston Pride of Place Project Photo Competition

Closing date for entries: Midnight Sunday 21st February 2016.

All entries will be displayed on this dedicated blogsite as they are recieved.
Please come back soon.

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Old phones vs New phones by Angie Richardson
View from St. Wallburges Spire by Angie Richardson
Diehard market traders by Angie Richardson
Bridges Time by Diane Anderson
Passing The Time by Diane Anderson
Time Windows And Wires by Diane Anderson
Duelling Bridges by Stuart Matthews
Mothership On The Market by Stuart Matthews
Tension Makes A Tangle by Stuart Matthews
Marsh Lane by Andy Dickson
St. John's, Church Street by Andy Dickson
Tulketh Mill by Andy Dickson
Haslam Park Pond, Ashton, Preston by Susan Knowles
Lancaster Canal, Ashton, Preston by Susan Knowles
River Ribble Sunset, Bridge Fly Over, Preston by Susan Knowles
A Rather Small Job Opportunity by Zoe Marshall
Absolutely No Entry by Zoe Marshall
Lights of Preston by Zoe Marshall
Marine Life by Aneesa Sidat
Sunset Reflections by Aneesa Sidat
Boats at Dock by Aneesa Sidat
No one around by Christine Cherry
From St Walburges to the Sea by Joe Hayhurst
Stanley, Avenham Park by Joe Hayhurst
The Rush For Culture, Harris Museum and Art Gallery by Joe Hayhurst
Smiles That Can't Be Broken by Benjamin Wareing
Linking The Community by Benjamin Wareing
Loneliness Is What You Make Of It by Benjamin Wareing
Barton Grange by Huzaifa Ali 

Festival fever! by Huzaifa Ali
To the top! by Ayaaz Ali
Back alley (aka) playground by Ayaaz Ali
Back alley by Ayaaz Ali
River Ribble and Guild Wheel Avenham Park by Phil Benton
River Ribble by Avenham Park by Phil Benton
Sunrise over the Ribble at Avenham Park by Phil Benton
The Buddhist Meditation Centre in Preston (No. 1) by Patrick Kenny
The Buddhist Meditation Centre in Preston (No. 2) by Patrick Kenny

Statue At The Buddhist Meditation Centre in Preston by Patrick Kenny
Outside the Harris Museum by Rachel Hartley
Statue in the Harris Museum by Rachel Hartley
Double Headed by Ian Scott
Leaving Preston by Ian Scott
Raspberry Ribble by Ian Scott
Boats at Preston Marina by Terry Finch
Bench in the Winkley Square Park by Gary Richardson
Snow on Holly leaves in Avenham Park by Gary Richardson
River Ribble from Avenham Park by Gary Richardson
Green & Healthy Preston by Simon Osbaldeston
Diverse Preston by Simon Osbaldeston
Transport Hub of the North by Simon Osbaldeston
Happy shoppers in Preston by Sean Telford
Untitled (1956 Triumph TR3) by Sean Telford
City Centre Soloist by Bernie Blackburn
Platform Paparazzi by Bernie Blackburn
The Photo Opportunity by Bernie Blackburn
Passing Reflections by Marcus Wallbank 
Sunset on Reflection by Marcus Wallbank
Welcome Home by Marcus Wallbank
Hot Potatoes by Sonia Bashir
Urban by Sonia Bashir
Preston is beautiful by Sonia Bashir
Ghosts by Richard Nixon
Icon by Richard Nixon
Sunrise at Alston Reservoir by Mel Bromley
Sunrise at St. Lawrence's Church Longridge by Mel Bromley
Frosty Sunrise at St. Lawrence's Church Longridge by Mel Bromley
Preston Station by Marcus Simmons
Caribbean Carnival, Moor Lane by Keith Launchbury

You Are Amazing by Keith Launchbury
Farewell to Sir Tom by Keith Launchbury
Dolly by John Robertson
Fresh Cream, Brucciani's Cafe by John Robertson
Haggling by John Robertson
Down by the river by Fern Nicholas
Tangled rays by Fern Nicholas

Aiming for Peace by Fern Nicholas
Red Sky at Night, Fishergate Delight by Craig Chadderton
Friargate by Ashley Hardman
Ring Road Car Park by Ashley Hardman
Subway by Ashley Hardman
A Reflected Morning by John Paul Drake
Here's the Harris by John Paul Drake
Through Miller Park by John Paul Drake
Untitled (Blitz) by Chris Lucas
Untitled (Mr Joes) by Chris Lucas
Untitled (Trolley) by Chris Lucas
Ollie and the big tree, Miller Park by Yvonne Battersby
Escape route, Pedder’s Lane by Yvonne Battersby
Pigeon roost at dusk, Preston Marina by Yvonne Battersby
Great Bridges by Nigel Whalley
Great Landmarks by Nigel Whalley
Great Reflections by Nigel Whalley
E=MC Squared, Limehouse by Thomas Hickey
Peeking, St Georges Car Park by Thomas Hickey
Try it in Heels, Winckley Street by Thomas Hickey
Drowning by Sophie Heppell
Ruddy Darter Dragonfly in Avenham Park by Sophie Heppell
Looking out for my master by Wendy Noblet

Bridge across Savick Brook by Wendy Noblet
Walking towards Ladyewell by Wendy Noblet

Booze Brothers by Maisy Pickett
Dangerous Building Keep Out by Maisy Pickett
Bargains Galore by Maisy Pickett
Beautiful Sunset Over Grimsargh Reservoir by Gareth Bromley
My pregnant wife watching the sunset from near Jeffrey Hill by Gareth Bromley
My dog Max and niece Evelyn playing on a wooden tractor at Brockholes Nature Reserve by Gareth Bromley
Untitled (Preston Bus Station) by Matt Allen
Untitled (Preston Bus Station) by Matt Allen

Untitled (Preston Bus Station) by Matt Allen
Battle of Lune Street by Keith Dagger
Jaguars by Keith Dagger
Wine Bottle by Keith Dagger
Avenham Park by Pamela Balloch
Mirror, Mirror by Kevin Finchett
The Ribble Link by Kevin Finchett
Whoosh! by Kevin Finchett
Untitled by Chris Bond
Untitled by Chris Bond
Untitled by Chris Bond
Avenham Park, Preston by Nick Green
Docks at Sunset by Nick Green
Afternoon Walk by Nick Green

Untitled (Taxis) by Dawn Mander
Untitled (After 8pm) by Dawn Mander
Untitled (Huge Discounts) by Dawn Mander
Early morning cleaning in the city by Stephen Abbott
Train crossing Strand Road by Stephen Abbott
Watlington Street Road under water by Stephen Abbott
Chinese New Year by Emma Heaton
Princess of Preston by Emma Heaton

Unit 89 by Emma Heaton
Walking down Moor Park Avenue by Amy Rizza
Old Tram Bridge River Ribble by Siad Ugradar
Cafe on Avenham Park by Siad Ugradar
The Mental by Sophia Boeer
Lancaster Canal by Sophia Boeer
Swimming playground by Sophia Boeer
English Electric by Terry Finch
UCLan Colour Splash by Michael Porter
UCLan Rams by Michael Porter
Summer visitor to Preston Marina by Michael Porter
Tarry a While by Martin Richardson 
Preston Pyramids by Martin Richardson
Harris by Robin Hill 
Preston Bus Station by Robin Hill

Preston Carnival by Robin Hill

Riverside by Helen Hatch

Ingol, Barry Aveby by Simon Botterill
Under Tom Benson way near the UCLAN sports arena by Simon Botterill
Eldon Street by Simon Botterill

Birley Street - Red Shoes by Kim Graham 
Lancaster Road - Roadworks by Kim Graham
Preston Bus Station by Kim Graham
Tribute to Sir Tom by Graham Hogg
Preston Marina by Graham Hogg
Reflections by Graham Hogg
Celebration by Paul Melling
Daybreak, Avenham Park by Paul Melling

Waiting, Preston Station by Paul Melling

Preston Bus Station by Brian Parkinson 
The Miller Arcade by Brian Parkinson 
St. Peters UCLan Arts Centre by Brian Parkinson

Black Lace by Steve Robertson 
Let's Samba by Steve Robertson 
Preston Pride by Steve Robertson

Never did! by Steve Hyams

The Home of English Football by Stuart Dagger 
View of the spectacular work done by Preston Council Gardeners with the Preston Pal Memorial, Avenham Park
by Stuart Dagger 

Proud Prestonians from the Council and the Preston And District Veterans Council with the Lord Mayor at the opening of the Preston Pals Memorial in Avenham Park by Stuart Dagger
Preston Street by Alf Myers
Waiting by Alf Myers
Street Vendor by Alf Myers
When is the next bus? by Tony Worrall
Curvey Concrete Preston by Tony Worrall
Damp Colourful Preston by Tony Worrall