Throughout 2015-2016 The Caravan Gallery's extra{ordinary} exhibition, Pride of Place Project and Tour will be hosted by six different cities across the UK. The Caravan Gallery will hold a Photo Competition to accompany their Pride of Place Project in each different location and all entries will be displayed on this dedicated website.

For further information about the Photo Competitions, Pride of Place Projects and extra{ordinary} exhibitions please visit the Caravan Gallery website.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Middlesbrough Pride of Place Project Photo Competition

Closing date for entries: Midnight Sunday 17th July 2016.
Open Submission - Free to enter

All entries will be displayed on this dedicated blogsite as they are received.
Please come back soon.

To find out more about the Middlesbrough Pride of Place Project Photo Competition please visit our website:

Untitled 1 by Imtesal Akhtar
Untitled 2 by Imtesal Akhtar
Untitled 3 by Imtesal Akhtar
Untitled (window) by Jordan Bell
Untitled (shine) by Jordan Bell
Untitled (transporter bridge) by Jordan Bell
Untitled (climb) by Paul Unthank
Untitled (twins) by Paul Unthank
Untitled (bus) by Paul Unthank
Share by Sarah Jane Rooney
Wipeout by Sarah Jane Rooney
Play by Sarah Jane Rooney
Flags by Alia Ouidir 
March by Alia Ouidir
Stationary by Alia Ouidir
Teesside Sunset by Emma Train
Poppies by the River Tees by Emma Train
Remaining Cleveland Saltworks Heritage by Emma Train
Old Middlesbrough - New Middlesbrough by Martin Webb
One of Our Own by Martin Webb
Middlesbrough, Scary Statues - Friendly People by Martin Webb
Untitled (interior structure) by Luke Harding
Untitled (Be an innovator) by Luke Harding
Maker’s Lunch by Luke Harding
Untitled (Albert Park) by Rachel Grey
Untitled (Dorman Museum) by Rachel Grey
Abandoned car by Kirsty Childs
From inside Hargreaves abandoned Slaughterhouse by Kirsty Childs
Fungi Tree by Kirsty Childs
Middlesbrough from Dundas House by James Stubbs
Tees Transporter Bridge by James Stubbs
Tower Green Middlesbrough by James Stubbs
Green Aura by Liam Price
SS Butterfly by Liam Price
Another World by Amy Brannan
Down by the Riverside by Amy Brannan

Room with a View by Amy Brannan
Look Around by Liam Connolly
The Bottle by Liam Connolly
Tuxedo Royale by Liam Connolly
Match Day by Joe Jasinek
The Ship Inn by Joe Jasinek
View from Vulcan Street by Joe Jasinek
MFC by Tony Robinson
Town Hall Phones by Tony Robinson
Middlesbrough Town by Thomas Tyler
Abseiling down from the Transporter Bridge by Margaret Grant
Brian Clough Statue in Albert Park by Margaret Grant
Bus Rally at the Transporter by Margaret Grant
A curry punch up by Emma Trotter

Getting creative at Orange Pip by Emma Trotter

Nice buns at Orange Pip market by Emma Trotter

Untitled (clock tower) by Debbie Carney

Untitled (sunset) by Debbie Carney

Transporter Bridge by Gary Richardson

Untitled (Up the Boro) by Tom Pickering

Untitled (Temenos) by Tom Pickering

Yesterday by Luke Iveson

Old times by Luke Iveson 

Producer by Luke Iveson 

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